Vacation Right in Your Own Home…

How do you enjoy your home’s outdoor world, free from mosquitoes, other nasty bugs, plus unpredictable or extreme weather conditions and harmful UV rays? Through the beauty, quality and excellence of a TEMO sunroom.

Wrap yourself in sunlight, fresh breezes and scenic beauty. Life’s demands can’t help but melt away when you’re surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. Your new Sunroom will become a personal retreat that invites harmony and perspective into your life.

Precision engineered for today’s lifestyles, the TEMO sunroom takes you to the next level of comfort and technology, with seasonally adaptable rooms for any style of home. Learn how you can bring the outdoors in and the indoors out.

Come see how you can add space, relax, exercise and entertain. Imagine how a sunroom can change how you and your family enjoy each other – and life!

Available Sunroom Designs:

  • Studio
  • Cathedral
  • California
  • Solarium
  • Conservatory
  • Signature Collection
  • Under Existing
  • Shade Structures

Why a TEMO Sunroom?

As sunroom specialists, we’re experts in what we do. Our hands-on involvement in every aspect of the business, every day, helps us to maintain strict quality control and customer service. It starts before you purchase a TEMO sunroom and lasts throughout your years of ownership.

Superior Engineering

Our sunroom production starts from the concept up. TEMO Engineering designs our exclusive product line, continuously bringing our customers the finest in state-of-the-art structures, styles, and features. TEMO innovated the first thermally insulated roof and wall systems for sunrooms, and continues to lead the industry in engineering.

Engineering gives special attention to designing our rooms with features that make them maintenance free. We want you in your sunroom – relaxing! – NOT doing maintenance!

All of our sunrooms meet strict national engineering standards and are certified by national testing agencies. TEMO sunrooms are built to withstand snow loads and all weather conditions, including hurricanes. In fact, TEMO sunrooms pass standards for use in Miami Dade, Florida – “hurricane country!”

Your sunroom gets personal attention! Every sunroom design is reviewed and approved by our Engineering Department before production ever begins to assure quality from the start.

Superior Design Options

We proudly designed a full line of sunroom styles that are manufactured to offer homeowners the best available options. After all, every home and homeowner is different. From the most functional to the ultra elegant, we offer 6 beautiful designs to choose from, with many options available to customize each style to your desires and budget.

We can help you select the right design to fit your home’s architecture to create the perfect complement to your home and expectations.

Superior Manufacturing Systems

Each TEMO sunroom is individually designed to exact customer specification, and blueprinted with the assistance of CAD computer systems for precision manufacturing.

TEMO Sunrooms differ from many other sunroom companies that gather parts and assembles them on site, at your home. As a custom order, Each TEMO sunroom is hand crafted, one at a time. Every component of a TEMO sunroom is assembled and pre-manufactured in sections. That’s why installation on your home is so easy and fast. Often just a day or two, after the foundation is complete!

Superior Product Testing & Quality Control

We demand superior workmanship and quality control standards. We invite independent third-party testing and inspection to ensure our components are manufactured consistently daily, and meet or exceed all nationally recognized engineering and building codes. All individual runs are assigned an ICBO tracking label/code that enable detailed quality-control identification.

Superior Packaging & Shipping Systems

TEMO does everything it can to ensure that your sunroom reaches you in excellent condition – and as quickly as possible. TEMO uses a unique upright linear packaging system that significantly reduces the potential for product damage en route. This system also provides an environment-friendly reduction of packaging. A color-coded component labeling system assures accurate tracking and reduces missing components that can cause frustrating construction delays.

TEMO uses an exclusive carrier to ship our sunrooms to our dealers, with an in-house dispatch office located on the TEMO corporate complex. Our carrier uses sophisticated hi-tech tracking systems to provide on-time delivery.

Superior Warranty

TEMO proudly manufacturers a quality product that requires minimum maintenance, all so that your family will enjoy using it for as long as you live in your home. We’re so confident in our sunrooms that we warranty them for a lifetime.


Built to Last: TEMO’s unique Window Wall System leads the industry in structural strength, insulation, durability and design.

TEMO sunrooms are so structurally sound they are designed to withstand even hurricane-force winds. Custom-engineered for your room, TEMO pre-assembles their thermal Window Wall panels for easy installation on your home by Sunrooms Northwest. This system reduces installation time to just 3-5 days on an approved foundation.

TEMO’s Window Wall System Includes These Standard Features:

  • Treated Aluminum Extrusions Provides superior skeletal structural strength and weather resistance.
  • TEMKOR – Exclusive interior/exterior indestructible polymer surface. Lifetime warranty against scratching, denting, fading, chalking. TEMKOR blocks UV penetration that can cause other surface materials to delaminate from the insulation core.
  •  SBA (Structural Bonding Agent) – Molecular bonding process ensures lifetime seal of TEMKOR surfacing to Polystyrene insulating core.
  •  Internal Weep System – Internal system channels water away from the room.
  •  2-lb-Density Structural Thermal Foam Core – EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) compressed to an industry-leading density for maximum thermal performance.
  •  Dual Vinyl Bulb Seal – Similar to a refrigerator seal, located at top and bottom channels, offers weather-tight and insect-resistant protection between the walls and the foundation, and between the walls and the roof.
  •  Welded Corner & Dual Door Sweep Full-View Prime Entry Door – Welded corners provide reinforcing commercial strength. Dual door sweeps increase the weather protection.
  •  Grand Entrance Handle – Residential quality, our elegant pitcher handle presents a grand welcome, with a sleek interior ball handle. Maintenance-free brass finish, won’t tarnish, corrode or discolor. High-security keyed exterior lock with 1-inch interior deadbolt.

TEMO Window Engineering Includes

These Standard Features:

  •  HPG 2000 with SPF (Solar Protection Factor) – High Performance Glass is tempered for safety and strength and designed with integrated protection against UV penetration, while optimally performs to block summer heat, but allow winter light. Available in single and double IG glass.
  •  Interlocking Meeting Rail – Double-sliding window designed to meet at a center rail for structural integrity.
  • Security Window Locks – Adjustable locking system can be positioned to personal height preference for convenience or childproof protection.
  •  E-Z Lift Screens – Self-healing, puncture-resistant, removable from interior for easy window cleaning.

TEMO Roof Engineering Includes

These Standard Features:

  • 2-lb-High-Density Structural Roof Thermal Foam – Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) provides maximum thermal protection.
  • Internal Locking Tongue-and-Groove Connection System – Superior panel connection system provides structural integrity, overall roof strength and longevity.
  • Standing Roof Seam (Aluminum Roof Cleat) – Allows most effective protection against weather and seasonal expansion while providing additional structural integrity.
  • Vinyl Roof Cleat – Designed to attractively conceal the interior seam and provide additional seam integrity against weather.
  • Thermally Broken Hanging Rail – Roof attachment system designed with a thermal break to reduce cold transfer to the roof to increase thermal protection.
  • Roof Coating – Electrostatically applied to the exterior shell for the hardest coating available to add luster while protecting against scratches, corrosion, fading.
  • Integrated Structural-Grade Aluminum Extruded Gutter System – Thicker grade than residential gutters for superior life and performance.
  • Leaf Guard – Blocks debris accumulation for maintenance-free gutter performance.

Additional Features and Benefits

  • Hidden Fasteners for a Clean Sleek Look
  • Easy Cleaning Surface
  • Wipes Clean with Simple Soap and Water
  • Very Low Maintenance
  • Waterproof
  • Rot and Peel Proof
  • Stain Resistant
  • Mold & Mildew Resistant
  • Fire Resistant
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • Retrofittable to Existing Rooms
  • Improved Thermal Performance
  • Treated aluminum extrusions
  • TEMKOR exterior surface bonded to a 2-lb-density thermal foam core using the SBA process
  • Vinyl bulb
  • Grand entrance door handle & deadbolt lock system
  • Standing roof seam w/ aluminum cleat
  • Integrated gutter system
  • Tongue and groove roof panels
  • Leaf Guard on our integrated gutter system