Build Green…Save Green…with an INSTADDITION!

Now you can have that extra space that you’ve always wanted in a fraction of the time with an INSTADDITION. The key to our system is our pre-engineer SIP panel designs. The mega-panels install very quickly. Once installed you are ready to start with utilities and decor. Add a extension to your home or an entire 2nd-level addition or both! Perfect for In-Law Suites, Rec Rooms, Offices, Dens, Bathrooms, Kitchens, Bedrooms and Dining Rooms.

Our INSTADDITION’s not only save you time and money they are helping save the planet too! Made of wood products and high-density expanded polystyrene, all materials can be recycled. Sustainable practices are used in manufacturing OSB that include renewing wood resources, respecting forestry through maintaining water quality, wildlife habitats and soil productivity and minimizing and recycling waste. EPS is recognized for its low impact on the environment in areas such as climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion, ecotoxicity and fossil fuel depletion.

Excellent R-Values.

8” roof panel: R-value 31.6 with a 100% thermal barrier; 6” wall and deck panel: R-value 24.3 with a 100% thermal barrier. Unlike fiberglass, ISO foam and cellulose, EPS won’t shrink, absorb or retain moisture which reduces R-values and thermal performance.

Good for your Health.

Compared to standard insulation materials such as fiberglass, ISO foam and cellulose, expanded polystyrene (EPS) is the Health Smart choice. It is solid, nonporous and moisture resistant, preventing mold and insect infestation. Unlike fiberglass, EPS will not release carcinogens through fiber emissions that carry the risk of potentially serious respiratory and other health conditions. Compared to ISO foam, EPS also will not out gas toxins, such as formaldehyde. EPS provides no danger to humans during manufacturing or in handling during construction.

Energy Star Performance.

As one of the best performing insulators known, EPS is made of material similar to a Styrofoam cup – at just 1/16” your hand is protected from 200-degree coffee. Our standard 6” panel contains EPS that is 96 times thicker than a coffee cup for a 100% thermal barrier, meeting stringent Energy Star standards. Our 8“ panel is 128 times thicker!